austere refinement &quiet japan
u guys want know about japanese culture..

austere refinement.......we say wabi.

its kind of a frame of mind in which spiritual richness can be found in a simple and tranquil.the mentality molds an important basis of the traditional japanese ceremony,,,,i mean, tea ceremony.
i love it ,really.

and guiet simplicity,we call it sabi means..

a poetic ideal fostered by Basho in haiku in which profound meaning can be found in the detached and the dis passionate.evocaitons of quiet simlicity in painting are seen in scenes of desolation.japanese people have the notion from birth ,they say..

i really like japan has gave me the oppotunity to be who i am today...

i hope u to know japanese culture and their thinking of way a lot.

by foodlovers | 2008-11-09 20:55
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