i wanna do everything that i want....

i am here because i wanna tell u about something.

u know what ,eating is really important 4 u all and me.
as it gives us power,energy,happiness,joy,health,beauty,,,
and more.

ive worked for 15years in food business.
ive learned this well,

everyone must stand alone.

but at the same time

love makes the world goes around.

i mean,no one can exist without others help.

i wanna people 2 think, feel, understand what i am saying...

so thats why i wrote the story,my first novel,food lovers.
and ive published the cook book ,love in cook.

if u read them over and over. then i am sure u will find it.

i know
food is one of the necessaries of life.

2 be myself....


2 make someone happy.....

i love cooking.

i love u all.

and i wanna do everything that i can.
just 4 u.

by foodlovers | 2008-08-23 23:42
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