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Today,im going to talk about sushi.
My euro friends love sushi very much but they r telling me its a little bit different from japanese "real"sushi when it comes to eating sushi in their countries...

The best known form of shushi here in japan is like this.Sushi rice is pressed by hands into bite sized portions,and a slice of fresh fish or a shellfish is pressed on the top.We call this nigiri zushi or edo mae zushi.

I can say japanese will say tuna is the best sushi here in japan..and i agree with them..we have three kinds of tuna..red flesh,and belly of tuna with a medium fat content,and the best one is belly of tuna with a high fat content.

If u wanna eat red flesh one,u can just say "maguro"that means tuna.but if u wanna have belly of tuna with a medium fat or a hight fat,u need to order "toro"
toro is a fatty tuna."chixyu toro" = midium fat ,"ou toro "= high fat.

I like to eat salmon roe and urchin...i mean sea unchin eggs..

When u come to japan and go to a good sushi restrant ,i promise,
it will be awesome.
by foodlovers | 2009-10-08 00:31
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